Preschool Circle Time Board and Supplies

Preschool Board

We started a preschool with some friends in the area where we each take a week and teach the kids and then rotate to the homes of the other moms.  The kids get two days a week for 2 hours each day and are in a class of 7.  It has been a great success so far and saves us money on preschool fees.  Here’s the Circle Time Board I created for our group.

The bubble gum machine came from a Digital Scrapbooking kit I designed in the past.  Leave a comment here and I’ll email you the bubblegum machine for free.  All the names at the top are on velcro so that the kids can use it while working on writing their name.  I also put all the names on the ground and use it for roll call at the beginning of class.  The kids love to come up one at a time as I call their name and ask “Is _______ here?”  Most everything has velcro on the back so that it can be changed or removed such as the month’s of the year, apple calendar numbers, routine titles and bubblegum balls.

Math Bubblegum Game

MATH BUBBLEGUM GAMES:  The bubblegum balls have been a great way to learn how to count and to learn colors.  I pass out a set of 10 of the same color to each child.  We sit in a circle and I ask each child to put “2 gumballs in front of them.”  We go around and count each person’s gumballs and then put them back in our pile.  I then continue to ask them for another amount to put in front of them, “Please put 7 bubblegum pieces in front of you.”  The kids love to play this game it helps them to learn how to count as well as we the beginning lessons with addition.  The can put 2 gumballs in front of them and then add there number to their neighbors to find out how many in all.  Another spin on the game would be to ask, “Whoever has RED gumballs put 2 in the middle, Whoever has YELLOW gumballs put 4 in the middle” etc. and then add the up.  We get a lot of use out of our counting gumballs.  (You can purchase a Multiplication Bubblegum Packet for your older children on our Etsy shop.)

SUPPLY BOX:  We also have a supply box that moves around with whomever is teaching that week.  Inside there are files for “Numbers, Letters, Counting, etc.”  Every time we use any type of worksheet, we add it to the box.  It has grown into 2 boxes full of wonderful teaching aids and information.  Each child was asked to bring a pencil case with pencils, crayons, scissors and glue.  It has been especially helpful to have everything handy and the kids seem to love having their own special box.

CIRCLE TIME: During Circle Time we have the kids stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance, hold small US Flags and sing the Flag Song.  We ask “Who’s Here?” as they find which one is their name and then they attach it to the board.  We check the weather which in Arizona doesn’t change much from Hot to Sizzling!  We also go over the time.