The Gem Thief by Sian Ann Bessey

About “The Gem Thief”

Gracie Miller is a small-town girl who has landed her dream job in New York City. As jewelry designer for one of the most prestigious jewelers in the world, she completed a particularly stunning piece, a custom setting for a large pink diamond. But when her billionaire client Mrs. Katsaros comes to repair a minor issue with the setting, Gracie is horrified to realize it is not the ring she created. Someone has forged her design, and the priceless diamond is gone.

Mrs. Katsaros has no desire to bring media attention to the jewelry heist, so she recruits her nephew, Quinn, and his FBI agent friend, Steve, to do some sleuthing off the record. When they discover that the missing ring is just one of many forgeries in the widow’s collection, they look to Gracie for help. They need her to act the part of Quinn’s fiancée. From the lights of New York to the shimmering islands of the Mediterranean, Gracie is swept into a thrilling hunt. But amid the search for the elusive thief, she and Quinn find themselves increasingly distracted by their growing feelings for each other. What neither realizes is how close the danger lies and how serious the vendetta is—because, apparently, it is worth killing for.

About the Author

Sian Ann Bessey was born in Cambridge, England, and grew up on the island of Anglesey off the north coast of Wales. She left Wales to attend Brigham Young University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communications.

Traveling has given Sian a deep appreciation for a world full of diverse cultures. Through her writing, she introduces her readers to some of the places she has come to love— especially her Welsh homeland.

Sian is the author of several LDS novels and children’s books. She has also written articles for the New Era, Ensign, and Liahona magazines. She and her husband, Kent, currently reside in Rexburg, Idaho. They are the parents of five children and the grandparents of two beautiful little girls and one handsome little boy.

My Review

Sian is a fantastic author and this was another great novel.  Gracie is a jewelry designer and expert when it comes to her craft.  Right from the start, Gracie is thrown into a world of high stakes gem thieves.  As she begins to help Mrs. Katsaros, a woman she made a custom piece for, she realizes how dangerous it can be to help her and her nephew find the truth.  Quinn, Mrs. Katsaros’s nephew, plays the part of Gracie’s fiancee as they take a cruise to the Mediterranean to find the stolen jewels.

This is a great love story that is clean, a quick read and a great romantic mystery.  Another win for Sian Ann Bessey!

If you haven’t read any of her books, you need to pick up one today!  Two of my absolute favorites are For Castle and Crown and To Win a Lady’s Heart.  You can read my review about For Castle and Crown here.

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