The Love Dare: Day 1

Have you seen the movie "Fireproof?"  If you haven't already seen it, The Love Dare bookpick it up online today.  It is a story about a fireman and his wife as they struggle to hold their marriage together.  I saw this movie a few years ago and it was awesome.  There are not enough movies out there that can uplift and inspire us, but this is one that does.  I was at the Deseret Industries store and found two copies of the book "The Love Dare" which is mentioned in the movie.  It is a dare to make changes and choose to love your spouse.  A sort of workbook and daily challenges to complete and sections of journal writing too.  I thought this would make some good blogging material since all of us have a need to feel love, love more deeply and give more selfless love.  No matter how amazing, lousy, uninspiring or awesome your relationship with your spouse is, I am sure we can all learn a little bit more on this subject and be inspired to do a little bit better each day.  So, today, the day after Christmas, I will start this journey.  Yesterday, I talked about "Christlike Attributes" and today I will try and be more like the Savior.  One of Christ's greatest attributes is that He is FULL OF LOVE, so much so that he suffered like no other human has ever or will ever suffer and He did it not for Himself but because of His love for us.  

On Day 1, in "The Love Dare" it talks about Patience.  Of course, start with the hardest one, but I'm up to the challenge are you?  Join me for the next 40 days and see if our hearts can turn more towards one another and as we do that, we will also turn more towards the Savior.