Happy Memorial Day!

I have had several heroes in my family such as my father, grandfather, uncles, great uncle, sister-in-law and brother that have served their country with honor, courage and bravery.  One even gave the ultimate sacrifice as he fought hand-to-hand combat to allow his fellow soldiers to escape.  Read his story here and my other family heroes here.  My brother is faithfully serving in the army for America in Afghanistan.  We pray constantly for his safety and we are grateful for his example of dedication and service.  While he was serving in the "old guard" at the tomb of the unknowns, my husband and I were able to visit him.  It was an inspiring experience that prompted a picture book that I designed.  Hopefully, someday I will see it published.  We were also blessed to go visit him a second time when he did his final walk before leaving the tomb to continue his military service.  There is nothing so touching as being at the Arlington Cemetery while "Taps" is played at that sacred ground representing all those that have died in the line of duty past and present.  We honor them today and continue to honor those in the military everyday.  May God continue to bless you my brother and all your fellow soldiers as you stand for freedom and liberty throughout the world. 

Here's the cover page from the book and postcards that I created.  It was an unforgettable time in D.C.

Arlington Cemetery Tomb of the Unknown Soldier