Veterans Week part 7

Last, but by far not the least.  This is my beautiful, sister-in-law, Jessica Basso and my brother, Paul, on their wedding day.




Jessica is a combat medic and she is currently serving in the army.


Below is a description about an event that my sister-in-law participated in.


Rucksack March BAGHDAD

– 18th Military Police Brigade Soldiers set in motion the month of April with a competition between its non-commissioned officers and Soldiers during its 2nd Quarter 2008 NCO/Soldier of the Quarter Board. Sgt. Jessica Basso, combat medic, and Spc. Ashley Roberts, military police Soldier, 18th MP Bde. gruel to the finish as they compete in a three-mile strength agility rucksack march. The march was the first of three events scheduled during the competition held April 1 in Iraq.  

(U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Steven Houser and remarks by Maj. Michael Indovina)

Jessica 5

There is Jessica in the front.

Thanks, sis, for your dedication, strength and courage.  You are an inspiration to us all!!

SGT Jessica Basso