Veterans Week part 2

Here is my handsome father, Charles Kaluhi Basso, who served in the US Navy during the Vietnam War.  He served honorably for 4 years aboard the USS Badger.  While serving in the United States Navy, he missed the birth of his first child.  I am grateful to my mother who stood by his side and supported him from home. 

Here he is in the CIC (Combat Information Center) where he had the great responsibility of listening and identifying radar impulses whether friendly or enemy.  The CIC is where valuable information is gained by becoming the battle-ready eyes and ears of the ship.  It is also where all the different capabilities of a ship come together and are guided. Weapons systems, navigation, and communications are all fed through the CIC.

Chuck Navy_4-72_LR

My dad said, "you had to listen to see if they where friendly or getting ready to shoot you."

Thanks, Dad, for serving in the Navy and for bringing the USS Badger and its' crew home safely under your watchful care.


Above is a picture of the USS Badger.  Here is an article that was published in the local newspaper about my father.  

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