Are You Caught Up on Your Reading?

October is National Reading Group Month.  Its goal is to celebrate the joy of sharing books and inspire individuals who do not belong to a reading group to join one or stare one of their own.  For more information, visit  Here are a few book facts to impress your friends with:

  • According to the Association of Professional Book Club Facilitators, there are 750,000 books clubs in the United States; a half million increase since 1994.
  • This year's Banned Books Week is Sept. 27 through Oct. 4.  Last year's most challenged book was the award-winning And Tango Makes Three, by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell, based on the true story about two male penguins in a zoo who adopted and raise a baby penguin.
  • Three thousand books are published daily in the United States, according to the Publishers Weekly Web site.

October 2008 newsletter