Beneath the Bellemont Sky by Ranee S. Clark

March 9, 2018

About “Beneath the Bellemont Sky”

As WWII draws to a close, war widow Vera Larsen Trumbell knows all too well the sacrifices of those left on the home front. Working on her family’s farm has sustained Vera and her young children, but she now yearns for a sense of normalcy. The end of the war has been bittersweet for the Larsen clan as they and the residents of their small Wyoming town continue to pick up the pieces of their former lives.

Navigating the complexities of a postwar world, Vera and her family face the changing ideals swirling around them. From rising controversy surrounding women’s presence in the workplace to the town’s cold reception of the newest member of the family—a beautiful French freedom fighter—the American dream of days gone by has been thrown off balance. Even Vera’s own life is set spinning when, despite her better judgment, she feels a growing attraction for the brooding and mysterious local schoolteacher.

As the Larsen family and their neighbors tread on thorny territory, will the people of this small town find the strength to embrace an unfamiliar and extraordinary future?

About the Author

Ranee` and her personal superhero, her husband, live in Alaska where they are raising three future super-villains. When she’s not breaking up impromptu UFC fights in her living room or losing to one of her sons at Uno, she loves to read and write. She has a bachelors degree in history that is probably useless, but she had a lot of fun earning it. She blogs about writing, reading, and editing at

My Review

This is a novel about multiply relationships within the Larsen family after war. “Beneath the Bellemont Sky” is almost an anthology where there are lots of different stories going on. Each couple could of had their own mini novel but it was fun to see them twist and turn throughout the book.

I really love this author. Ranee Clark writes some amazing stories. This probably was not one of my most favorites of hers but still a good clean read about postwar, romance, family relationships and social issues. I am a major fan of her other two novels Playing for Keeps and Double Play.

If you enjoy the postwar area and a strong family novel, this one is for you!

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