Christmas Gingerbread Cookies #LIGHTtheWORLD

Are you looking for a simple way to enjoy a Christ-centered Christmas? I have just the solution… Service! What a perfect way to celebrate Christmas and teach your family how to follow Jesus Christ’s example!

This idea came from Designed by Maria and today my kids and I went to town making these delicious Gingerbread Cookies with a twist!  My family and I eat daily from freeze dried ingredients and most of my dinners come from my pantry stocked with Meals in a Jar.  I’ll be posting how-to videos and recipes in the near future so make sure you Subscribe to my YouTube channel.  You will not want to miss this life changing meal planning and preparing!

You can download the recipe here.  If you would like to gift a bottle of Gingerbread Cookies ready to mix, roll and bake for a neighbor, make these small adjustments to the recipe.

  1.  Substitute the Shortening for 1 Cup Powdered Butter (add 5 tsp of water)
  2.  2 tsp Powdered Eggs (add 2 Tbsp of water)
  3.  1 tsp Powdered Vanilla
  4.  I didn’t have any cloves so I just didn’t use them, but feel free to add them.  They are listed in the original recipe.

Just follow the directions on the recipe for some amazing cookies.  You can bottle up 12 jars at a time and have several years of cookies prepped and ready to go.  You can also gift the Cookies in a Jar to someone for a fantastic Christmas idea!  If you don’t know much about Meals in a Jar be sure to Subscribe to our website and YouTube channel.  We will be busy making videos to help you get started in the New Year!

Here are the rest of Maria’s awesome ideas.  Take a moment to download all of the printables and get your kids ready to have fun while they serve!

Brightly Street #LIGHTtheWORLD Gingerbread_DesignedByMaria

I love the fun idea of everyone making a gingerbread man or woman of themselves and then stringing them together as a family.  Each time a family member does a service they can add another gingerbread man to their garland.  It would be fun to see how big it can grow and how quickly.  I think my kids are going to love it!

I love how I can incorporate this serving idea into the one I already came up with for my family which is the Christmas Advent Calendar!

Thanks Maria for your AMAZING Gingerbread Service Activity!  Make sure to visit her blog at Designed by Maria and let her know how much you love it too!  Post pictures online and use the hashtag #LIGHTtheWORLD.


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Christmas Gift Idea Christmas-in-a-Box #LighttheWorld