Christmas-in-a-Box #LIGHTtheWORLD

So, what’s inside the box?  Well, you will find a Christmas tree made out of blocks, a colorful stocking, a reading and writing journal and lights!  Of course, there is an awful cute box to go with it.

Christmas Gift Idea Christmas-in-a-Box #LighttheWorld

I have designed all of these printables for you to use to put together your own Christmas-in-a-Box and serve someone you love or even a stranger.  Let’s jump right in and share a few how-to tips.

Box:  Print on white card stock as full bleed or borderless if possible.  Laminate the paper for durability and also laminate a plain white card stock page.  Do not cut around the paper just leave the laminating edge as is.  Measure from the edge of the paper with a ruler using the width of your ruler as your measurement and use the end of a pair of scissors to score the paper.  Fold along all four sides.  At the top and bottom of the paper, cut a a slit until it meets the other fold line.  Fold corner together and staple.  Do the same thing on all four sides.  Repeat with the bottom box, but fold just a hair smaller on all four sides, cut and staple corners.  Fit top over bottom of the box.  Print and cut out tag and ribbon.  Place ribbon around top of the box cover and tape it under the sides. Attach the tag with tape to the topside. Please refer to the YouTube video to see a demonstration of who to make the box, it really is quite simple!

Journal:  Print, cut in half and hole punch each page.  Using a metal ring attach page together.  You can add ribbons to the ring if you want.  The journal is a 10 day advent calendar.  The person can read a page everyday starting anytime in December or just read a page throughout the month and finish it by Christmas.  The journal is called “READ His Story, WRITE your story.”  Everyday there is a scripture found in the New Testament about Jesus Christ’s life starting with his baptism and ending with the resurrection.  After the person reads the story, there is a writing prompt question or statement on the next page to help them write their own story.  Just a bit of family history and strengthening your testimony of Jesus Christ during the Christmas season.  At the bottom of the scripture page, you will find a QR code.  Scan it with your smart phone and go directly to Brightly Street’s website where you can watch a video about the scripture you just read and listen to a Christmas song!  It’s the best interactive advent calendar around.

DOWNLOAD the Journal Printable.

Brightly Street Christmas-in-a-Box Instagram Image

Christmas Tree Blocks:  Purchase 1.5 inch blocks from Hobby Lobby or purchase a 1.5 x 1.5 inch piece of wood and cut them into squares with a miter saw.  Lightly sand the wood edges.  Print the Christmas tree pages on white card stock.  To prevent smearing the ink, laminate them first.  Cut out squares and glue them to the wood pieces.  See the printable page for where to place each square.  Modge podge the entire block and let it dry.  Build the blocks to make a Christmas tree on one side.  There are also sides for: Christmas Songs, Scripture Story, Writing Prompt, Days 1-10 and Nativity characters.  The blocks coordinate with the journal.

DOWNLOAD Christmas Tree Printable.


Brightly Street Christmas-in-a-Box Pinterest How-to Blocks #LIGHTtheWORLD
Brightly Street Christmas-in-a-Box Pinterest How-to Blocks #LIGHTtheWORLD

Stocking:  Print on white card stock. Pick one of two stocking designs, cut around stocking and then trace another blank one onto card stock and cut it out to use as the backside of the stocking.  Punch holes along the sew lines and sew together with yarn. You can also laminate them before you thread with yard.

DOWNLOAD Stocking and Box Printables.

Brightly Street Christmas-in-a-Box Stocking

Christmas Card:  Print on card stock, cut and sign your name on the backside of the postcard. Place it on top of all items inside your Christmas-in-a-Box.

That’s it!  Place all of the parts inside the box and you are now ready to hand deliver or mail your box!  This will be an unforgettable gift to just about anyone.  Here’s a list of ideas of who you can gift your Christmas-in-a-Box too:

  1.  Someone away from home serving in the military.
  2.  A person sick and staying in the hospital through the holidays.
  3.  Visit a Children’s Hospital and find a child that needs some extra cheer this year.
  4.  Take it to a nursing home and give it to someone lonely.  Make friends with them and help them write their story.
  5.  Send it to a college student to help them bring in the Christmas cheer as they cram for finals the last few weeks before joining family or friends for Christmas.
  6.  Gift it to a missionary in your area or abroad.  Missionaries can put a block in their pocket and find someone to share a scripture or song.

Feel free to make a set of Christmas tree blocks for your own family.  You can cut larger blocks and turn them into a table center piece!  We hope this helps your family work together on this project as your kids help cut, glue or sew with yarn to make this a fantastic family fun time as we serve others this Christmas season.  Help us and Brightly Street #LIGHTtheWORLD with the true meaning of Christmas.

Brightly Street Christmas-in-a-Box Inside Box #LIGHTtheWORLD

Please use the hashtag #LIGHTtheWORLD and @BrightlyStreet as you mail or deliver your Christmas-in-a-box to someone.  We’d love to see how you used this kit and how it was received!  May we “Light the World” with the true meaning of Christmas this year and serve our fellowman.

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Here’s a video with just the “How-to” instructions.

Want to make one for your own family?  We have the same Christmas tree block images available for a 4×4 block on our Etsy Shop.  Put them together and add it to your dining room table or gift it to someone else!  Here’s what it looks like!

Christmas Centerpiece DIY Project Christmas-in-a-Box #LIGHTtheWORLD