Day 14: Meet My Grandmother

My family is getting ready for a family reunion after Thanksgiving and we will be celebrating my grandparent's life and the legacy that they left behind.  In honor of this event, I thought it would be fun for today's daily task to be about joining the "Meet My Grandma" campaign that FamilySearch started in September of this year.  Here's a video about "Meet My Grandma" that might spark some ideas for you to share with the world.  Below the video is another page of questions to add to your "Meatime Matters" jars that you could ask your Grandmother or someone that knew her.

Family History Meatime Matters Conversation Cards extra

Now I need to #MeetMyGrandma.  This is my beautiful Grandmother.  This is my Grandmother and I having a tea party!  Comment and let us know your favorite memories of your grandmother.

Grandma Hansen

Tea Party with Grandma May 1985