Day 15: The Time Is Now

In October of 2011, I went to Salt Lake City from Pennsylvania to say "goodbye" to my parents before they left for the Missionary Training Center and then off to their mission in South Africa.  I was blessed to be able to get to visit with them and go to General Conference that weekend.  I was so excited when I heard Elder Bednar talk about family history and how the youth are a very important part of it.  His talk was titled "The Hearts of the Children Shall Turn."  He also announced the new (at the time) website for the youth and family history at  I remember seeing the website link on the big screens in the tabernacle.  I felt the spirit really strong and I knew that the youth would lead this great work.  Listen to a follow up video from Elder Bednar that was posted not too long after his talk.  Today's daily task?  Look through the past 15 days and pick a couple things to do to help yourself and your ancestors in your family history journey.  The links to the right with the numbers will take you to each day.  With just a little bit of sacrifice of your time, you will reap great blessings!

Here's a picture from the trip I took to Salt Lake City.  It is a picture of the Conference Center where the General Conference is held.  Do you see the big shadow in the picture?  I took this picture from there, it is the Administration Building of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

LDS Conference Center