Day 16: Journal It!

Abigail pililaauKeeping a journal is an important way to never be forgotten.  It is hard to realize now that anything I have to say would be important to my kids or future children and grandchildren, but I know that it is true.  While visiting Hawaii a few years back, I went to the church that my father and his family attended.  A few of the ladies were good friends with my grandmother.  I shared some of my feelings as I sat among these great Hawaiians and told them to keep a journal or to write some things down about themselves.  I have never seen anything that my grandmother has written about herself or anyone else.  She died when I was just two years old so I have no memories of her at all.  I have felt a huge loss in not having any tangible evidence of her life besides photos that I cherish.  I spoke to the women in that room and told them to leave stories of themselves for one day, like myself, there will be a grandchild(ren) or great grandchild that will thirst for any remnants of your life.  Do not let another day go by where you don’t write something down about yourself.  Take some of those “Mealtime Matters” cards and audio record yourself on the Memories App, start your own personal blog or write in a good old fashioned journal.  Just get your heart and thoughts on paper to be preserved throughout time.

FamilySearch hosts a RootsTech conference in February every year.  This past February Stephanie Nielson, who suffered a horrific plane crash and has lived to not only tell about it, but has become an inspiration,spoke at this event.  She spoke about writing your story and how everyone has one.  It was a fantastic talk.  As you clean your kitchen, fold the laundry, cook dinner or drive to work, listen to her share with you about her insights and experiences.  It will touch your heart.

Today’s challenge is to “journal it!”  What the “it” will be, is up to you.  Just get something down on paper or the computer and preserve your thoughts and heart for your future posterity.

Stephanie will start speaking at 36:00 although the first speaker is great too.  If you can’t see the video below, click on this link and let’s start writing our life’s story.