Day 20: Learn from Your Ancestors

We are half way through the 40 Day Challenge!  Congratulations if you have joined us so far.  We know that as you continue your family history journey, you will feel the power of your ancestors.  

Why is Family History so important?  Is it just a bunch of names of old people that lived so long ago that we feel disconnected too?  I can't even imagine loosing one child to be taken away at just a year old, but six… it must of broken her heart.  Listen to this story of a Hawaiian girl and her great granddaughters journey to find here.

Today, learn something about your ancestor and be uplifted and inspired.  

When visiting Hawaii a few years ago, my sister and I went to visit the church where our grandparents were married.  We found our great great grandmother's burial place as well as some of her children.  This is also where we found one of the sisters that was missing from our Family Tree.  

Hawaiian Family History Waianae