Day 21: Index a Record

How does indexing help you find your ancestors?  For me it is the back bone to family history.  Without records posted free online, we would be going through millions of microfilm records like my grandparents had to do to find their ancestors.  I have looked through microfilm a few times and it is tedious.  FamilySearch has made records available to us for free, but they need our help to index the images that are taken.  Download the indexing program here and start indexing today!

If you are ever stuck on finding more ancestors, take some time and index records.  

 Here's a record I found at the Pottstown Historical Society.  It was a blessing I lived just 5 minutes from this location.  Records online are so important because we are not always blessed to live where our ancestors once did.  Check out my post tomorrow about how that happened.  This record below was taken from an old family bible that I found. 

Potts Family