Day 3: Find a Story

Joseph EllisonDay 3: Find a Story.  I want you to dig through your "Memories" and "People" from yesterday's task.  When you see an interesting photo, click on it and see if their is a story about that ancestor.  If not, move on to another photo until you find one.  If you are the first to comment on this post with your photo and story, I will make you a pdf file of your ancestor like I did for our youth conference when we had 30 stories displayed.  (Comment must be the first and posted on Day 3.) Here is a sample of one of the many amazing and faith promoting stories.

Why are stories so important?  They connect us to our ancestors and help us understand not only who they are, but we come to understand ourselves better.  Take a moment to watch this short video of how stories are passed on from one generation to another and how the stories can strengthen each person they touch.