DIY Kid’s Dr. Suess Bedside Furniture

After moving across country, I was working on organizing the boy's room.  Not an easy task when we sold most of our furniture when we made the trek.  We were also renting so there was a limit to what we could do to the rooms.  The boys needed a bedside table of some sort to store their little toys, books and things that were always scattered around the floor.  I couldn't find anything that would fit the small room so I started sketching and measuring my own design.  I knew I needed the piece of furniture to self stand and not have to be mounted to the wall.  I had some blue garage buckets that I thought would work for the legos and other odd toys that they had in their room so I measured the width to fit two of them.  The top two shelves I wanted to be tall enough to put their reading books but still not cover the window.  My last idea was to have a shelf where they could display their lego models.  There was also the issue of their pajamas that they could never find when it was time for bed.  My sister bought these cool Dr. Suess bags that were plastic so I added a hook to the side of the side tables and hung the bag with their pjs in them.  Now, we had everything in one spot and it didn't take up more than a foot of space.  This was a super cheap project since I was able to use some scrap wood that I bought from Home Depot for about $1.  Each finish side table cost me about $1 when they were finished!  I sealed the wood after it was painted to insure that clean up would be easy and so they would last for awhile.  The bedroom side pieces was a simple solution to a never ending mess.  I'll share what I did for their blankets in another post.  For now, check out the pictures from my kid's Dr. Suess room in progress!

DIY Projects Kid_s Side Table