Mission to Africa: Choo Choo… All Aboard… African Style

“Though on the other side of the world, this holiday train ride is reminiscent of a past photo journal assignment for http://www.trainweb.org/joy/2006c22a/

The same exciting anticipation accompanied it and the challenges of shooting photos from a wiggly, jiggly moving locomotive created similar photographic challenges.  Good thing Dr. Hoffman stuck a motion sickness patch behind my ear.  He said that the active ingredient in the product used to be used for truth serum.  Thus, some passengers were on the edge of their seats with ‘The National Enquirer’ phone number in speed dial.  I assured them that few even read my tell-all BLOG so I was sure their hopes of a record-setting sell of my “ho-hum” life…”

To read the rest of Elder and Sister Basso’s great adventure in Africa, climb aboard!

Here’s a peek from Joy’s “point of view.”