DOB Band – Comments Please!!

We went in for our son's last day with his DOC Band (read our first post about Cranial Tech if you missed it here) and had pictures taken of his head.  It looks so much better but he had to get another one.  The bands only last for a few months since the head grows so fast.  Each visit, Cranial Technologies would shave a piece of the foam out from the inside to allow room to grow.  We decided to go ahead with a second band which was another cost of just under $4000.  Luckily our insurance paid for most of it this round.  He'll have to wear this band for about 4 to 5 months.  The growth of a baby's head slows down just a little bit at this stage.  So, now I need your help!  We need to come up with another idea for a design to add to his DOC Band or just keep the same one "Fix'in my Noggin Dude."  I thought I'd ask all my creative readers out there for help.  Any ideas on what we should have designed for his cute little head?  Please post your ideas to this blog so we can share them with our kids.  Here's the cute little guy to give you some inspiration with his new band on.  Looks like he's pretty happy with it!

IMG_8744 fb
Here's some ideas from The Wrap Shoppe to get your ideas flowing!  Don't worry about leaving your email address under the comment section below just throw your ideas out there.  Thanks!