Because of Him: Easter Eggs for Jesus

On Monday nights our family has what is called a "Family Home Evening."  Every Monday night we set aside time to be together as a family.  We usually will sing, pray, read scriptures, learn a lesson about the gospel of Jesus Christ, have a fun activity and sometimes even a treat.  Tonight, I wanted to share with my kids the great video that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints just posted yesterday.  It is called "Because of Him."  

Brightly Street Easter Eggs for JesusAfter the video, I talked about what Palm Sunday was and what happened this week during Jesus Christ's last week on earth.  I had an idea that came to me today that I thought would be fun for the kids to have a more Christ-centered Easter.  I talked to the kids about how on Easter we get to hunt for eggs to find small treasures inside.  I talked about the true meaning of Easter how Christ suffered and died for us as well as his glorious resurrection.  I asked the kids about Jesus.  Where are his eggs and how is it that we get gifts and celebrate Easter yet, Jesus is the one we should be giving gifts too?  I typed up a few word strips, put them in some plastic eggs and added them to our "Scripture Basket."  (I'll have to blog about our basket another day.)  I had each person pick an egg, open it and read what it said.  For example one says, "I will show love as Jesus did by_______."  Then the child fills in the blank and they try to do that one thing during the next 24 hours.  At the end of the next day when we gather as a family to pray and read scriptures, we are going to share what it was we did to give an Easter Egg to Jesus Christ and then pick another one until Easter Sunday.  The kids loved it!  It was great to see how excited they were to work on this project.  My little 4 year old wanted to put the egg under her pillow!  

Easter Eggs for JesusHere is the activity for you to try at home.  Included in this "Easter Eggs for Jesus" packet are the word strips that you can print on colored paper, cut and put into individual easter eggs.  I also designed for you a couple different door hangers that you can have the kids cut out and put on all the doors in the house to help you remember that "Because of Jesus Christ, we can show love, kindness, service, gratitude and follow His example."  I hope this helps your family draw closer to the Savior during this special time of year as we remember Christ's sacrifice, death and resurrection.

Just click on the image to download the pdf file.