Day 11: Find it with Puzzilla

Are you stuck in your family history work?  Need help finding your cousins?  Today's family history challenge is to find a cousin using a new tool called Puzzilla.  Go to Puzzilla and login with your FamilySearch account.  It will show you a unique way to look at your cousins.  You can also watch a a few videos about Puzzilla here.

Elder Andersen's grandson helps us find our cousins by using Puzzilla.

For Mother's Day, I wanted to make something for my mom and so I thought it would be great to give her something that had to do with Family History.  I will attempt to explain my "flower bed" idea to you.  On Puzzilla it will produce for you a chart that I always thought looked like a flower.  I clicked on all of my mother's Great Great Grandmothers.  Each flower represents one of those 8 Great Great Grandmothers.  On the leaves are listed the first name and maiden name of each of the 2nd Great Grandmothers and attached to the correct flower.  Inside the blossom of the flower are all the children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren of that one grandmother.  So in each of the different flowers, my mom would be on the outer most circle.  I love how it turned out with a feeling of all the cousins on the maternal side of the family.  I also added a quote that I found which had no author.  It says on the front of the wood base "A mother's last name may not get carried down the tree, but her love goes so much deeper and means so much more to me."  I love that quote!  

Would you like to make your own?  Leave us a comment and if you are interested in the flowers and leaves, we will post them here online for you to download for free.  This would make a great Christmas gift too!

Family History Gift Idea for Mom