Day 10: Find and Index US Immigration Records

Today is Election Day!  Did you get out and vote yet?  In many countries around the world, people are not allowed to vote or are bullied into voting a certain way.  The freedom's that we cherish as citizens of the United States of America are to be held and preserved by it's people.  As we work on our family history today, let us ponder why so many of our ancestors immigrated to America.  Many of them if not all were seeking the freedoms that many of us hardly think about on a day to day basis.  They came for religious freedom, freedom from tyranny and other freedoms that allow us to enjoy this great land of America.  

Today's daily task is to find or index some immigrant records.  Click on the image below to get started and watch some great videos below.  Here's a picture of a ship and a record from my great grandmother that I found.  Check it out here. #templechallenge

Family History Index US Immigration and Naturalization Records