Family History Pedigree Chart

Several years ago, while I was helping to get the Family History Center Brightly Street King of Prussia mall Portrait Studio Displayredone, I thought it would be fun to add a picture of "The Howland Family" that you often see in the LDS Temple Visitor Centers.  I designed a poster of that family tree and it was hung on the wall at the Family History Center in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.  A few months later, while preparing for a Sunday lesson on Family History, I was searching my own family line on  I saw a familiar name "Howland" and I thought no way can that be the same family I hung on the wall at church.

I did a little research and sure enough that was my family too.  So, I redid the design to add my link into this great family of US Presidents and leaders of the LDS church.  It hung on the wall next to the Cheesecake Factory at the King of Prussia Mall for a few years and now it is displayed in my home.  I am so excited to meet these relatives and others someday in heaven.  Families Are Forever!

Have you found out how you are related to the Latter-day Prophets?  Check out this site.  So awesome.  President Monson is my 13th cousin along with almost all the other prophets.  Why would that be important?  Do you feel that you come from a legacy of faith and that you must keep the light of Christ with you burning bright?  What a great responsibility to share Christ's love with all our brothers and sisters as these great prophets did!  Find out how you are connected and comment below.  Let's see how many distant cousins I can find online!!   

Brightly Street Family History Chart Howland Family