Scripture Smoothies

There is nothing more important to me then the Savior, Jesus Christ.  Words cannot adequately express my sincere feelings for Him and His ultimate sacrifice to bring both myself and my family back to His presence someday.  It is very important to me that my children come to love the Savior too and understand the sacrifice and perfect example He has set.  We always tell our children to think, “What would Jesus do,” but do they really know what He would do?  I felt that it was important for my kids to understand who Jesus was when He was on earth.  By studying the scriptures and His earthly ministry, I hope my children will then be able to follow in His footsteps, strive to be more like Him and be able to answer the question, “What would Jesus Do?”.

Each morning, my children and I gather around the kitchen table with our Scripture basket which consists of each child’s own paperback copy of the New Testament, a journal and the New Testament Stories book.  (You can now see the entire book for free online and download it to your ipad!)  We have nicknamed this part of our day “Scripture Smoothie” time!  My kids love it.  My 5 year old daughter always asks if it is scripture smoothie time when she wakes up.  She is excited to learn more from the scriptures as she drags her brothers along!  It is definitely a habit now since we have been consistently studying the New Testament for a few months now.  Since my children go to school from 11am to 4pm, we start our “Scripture Smoothie” time at 10am.  This idea was inspired by a friend that I met at a workshop last year.  (watch her video about it here) Here’s a picture of the basket and some excerpts from my kid’s journals.  

Brightly Street Scripture Smoothie Time

The “Scripture Smoothie” was added as a fun and healthy snack to go with our lesson each day.  You will usually find in our smoothie a combination or all of the following: goat’s milk (or almond milk, whatever I have on hand) spinach, frozen blueberries, frozen organic strawberries, frozen pineapple, Sprouts organic apple juice (the best stuff on earth!), banana and water.  Blend it up and it is super yummy and nutritious.  As the kids drink their smoothie, we begin to study from the children’s book and the New Testament.  At the end of each chapter, I pull up the amazing Bible Videos that the LDS church has made for the public to use for free.  I really love these videos because they are short, sweet and they get right to the point of the portion we are studying that day.  Afterwards, I have the kids get out their journal, draw a picture and write about it. My hope and prayer is that my kids will learn to rely on the Savior’s infinite love and seek their Heavenly Father through study and prayer.  As they gain their own testimony of the Savior, they will be able to know “what Jesus would do” and then follow in His footsteps.

The Story behind the picture of Christ below:

Years ago while walking in the halls of our church building in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, I passed one of my friends from the ward.  As I walked by Ed, I turned around and it hit me how much he looked like Jesus.  He was growing out his hair and beard.  I told him to make sure he let me know before he cut his hair so I could take some pictures in my studio of him as Christ.  I had some clothes made and a little while afterwards, Ed called to tell me he was going to cut his hair.  The image below is Ed portraying Christ and his sweet son, Jacob.  The sweetest part of this story is the why behind Ed growing out his hair.  At this time in his life, his beautiful and sweet wife Liz, was fighting cancer.  During chemo treatments, she lost her hair.  Ed wanted to show his love and support to his wife by shaving his head too.  Liz didn’t want him to do that so Ed decided to grow it out.  He said, “I decided to grow it out and donate it so someone else (so she) wouldn’t have to endure in public what Liz was brave enough to show.” 

This touched my heart and was a true act of Christ-like service.  I hope as you reflect upon your own relationship with others, you might hold them a little closer and express your love to them as Christ always has shown His love for us.  

We lost dear Liz not long after this portrait was taken.  She is now in the arms of her loving Elder brother waiting for Ed, Jacob and her other children and loved ones in heaven.  #BecauseOfHim that is possible!

Brightly Street Jesus Christ image 3 Nephi 21 16

I am grateful for Jesus Christ’s willingness to take upon my sins and yours.  I am so grateful for a loving Father in Heaven that didn’t just love His Only Begotten Son, but he also loved me enough to sacrifice His Beloved Son so that I might return to Him someday.  How has the Savior’s example blessed your life? #becauseofhim and share your feelings online today!!  Here’s a sweet message about my favorite scripture shown above.

In honor of Liz, my Auntie and others who have returned to their heavenly home.  We have lost two of our “pink ladies” since we originally posted the video below. #BecauseOfHim Death has no sting!