General Conference Baskets for Kids

We had so much fun during General Conference that I thought I’d share some more ideas with you to help spark additional thoughts or ways to make the October General Conference a hit at your home too. I put together a few items that would be helpful for each of my children while they watched Conference and used their Speaker Bags.  I started with a simply plastic basket that I purchased from the Dollar Store.  Each child received a different colored basket that had all their essentials within.

General Conference Baskets for kids

Here is a list of items that I added.  Most items were purchased at the Dollar Tree.

1.  Small pencil box with colored pencils.  

2.  Battery operated candle that changes color

3.  Clipboard with “Who Has Spoken Already in General Conference” attached to the backside.

4.  Doodle Board

5.  Dry Eraser Marker 

6.  Pen Flash light

7.  Conference Cuddle Friend

All of my kids LOVED their cuddle friend who only comes out at Conference time as well as having their own basket of goodies.  

General Conference Baskets for kids

 Here’s a tag you can print, write in your child’s name on the line and attach it to the handle of the basket!

General Conference Basket tags

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General Conference Baskets for Kids