Countdown to Conference: L. Tom Perry

Share Elder Perry’s life with your children by using these two sources from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints website here and here.

General Conference Elder PerryThis packet was inspired by both of the videos below regarding the priesthood and the restoration.  A few weeks ago during our morning scripture study, I taught my children about the apostasy and how the church was restored.  On my mission we used cups and stacked them together like a tower as we explained what the apostasy was.  It was a great lesson.  A few days after I gave that lesson, I found an awesome video about two sister missionaries singing a song they called “Cupstoration” and using the same concept of explaining the apostasy and the restoration.  My kids loved the video.  They want to learn how to sing the song.  I am not sure if we will ever be as good as these amazing sisters, but I thought it would be fun to make some labels for the cups.  (I used some small paper cups like the ones you would use in the bathroom to rinse your child’s mouth out.) Just print, cut, wrap around a cup and tape it.  You can download the image of Christ ordaining his apostles at the site here.  You can also download Peter, James and John ordaining Joseph Smith here for the part in the song that has the paper on the top of the first cups.  I hope this helps teach the priesthood, apostasy and restoration to your children in a way that will help them understand.  You can skip the whole singing thing and just explain the visual aids.  Maybe I’ll have to do some video tutorials of how all these lessons work one day minus the singing!  

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