Countdown to Conference: Boyd K. Packer

Wow, Elder Packer is not only a spiritual giant, but an amazing artist.  Check out his fireplace that he carved from wood.  Here is an awesome painting.  Check out his Noah's Ark carvings.  He is amazing!  What talent.

General Conference Elder PackerI was so inspired by how talented Elder Packer is that I thought I would try and draw a "little bird" in honor of his love of nature.  It is fun to turn a blank piece of white paper into something creative.  Today's packet includes another game.  I hope you are not getting tired of games yet!  I might have one more up my sleeve by the time Conference begins.  This has been an incredible journey and I am so thankful for a loving Father in Heaven who has daily inspired me with different ways to help my family and yours come to know his chosen leaders.  

The game is called "Match-the-Birdie."  First print double sided with front page being the bird image and the backside with the questions or answers.  Cut them out and laminate to make the game last.  There are 18 cards total.  Set the game up like you would a regular matching game with the large bird side facing up.  Take turns picking two cards.  You need to find a question that matches the correct answer!  For younger children, you can also divide the questions from from the answers to make two sections.  Then have the child pick a question.  After they flip it over, have them pick an answer from the second group.  I hope this is a fun way to play the matching game with your kiddos.  I think the best part of all these lessons is that you get to have some fun, quality time with your family as you learn about our living apostles.

Here's Elder Packer's biography and official biography from

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