General Conference “Falling Leaves Listening Game”

I love fall time where the leaves change colors, the weather cools and the leaves eventually fall to the ground.  Jumping and crunching the fallen leaves is always fun unless you live in Arizona and well fall doesn’t really happen here.  It is pretty brown year round.  At least it does start too cool down a bit.

Since the October General Conference is coming this weekend, I thought it would be fun to add a fall game to our General Conference weekend.  Print, cut, laminate and attach each leaf to a wooden clothes pin.  (You can pick them up from the Dollar Store)  Grab a can or jar and have fun with this listening game.  Have your child put the jar in front of them while they stand or kneel in front of the jar.  As they hear the key words on the leaves, they get to try and drop the clothes pins in the jar.  They will have fun watching the “leaves fall.”

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