General Conference “Turkey Talk”

Just a few more days until General Conference.  My 6 year old daughter asked me today, “How many more days until Conference?”  I said just a few more days, it will be this Saturday.  She said, “Yes!  I love General Conference!”  Music to my ears.  It is great that the kids get so excited about it.  I want them to love conference, learn to listen and follow the living prophets and apostles.  What a blessing it is.

One of my friends asked me if I had any fall ideas for General Conference.  The wheels began to turn in my head and I have come up with a few ideas.  I will try and get them designed and posted by this weekend before Conference begins.  Here is one of those ideas.  I drew this little turkey just for you.  It is a color by number worksheet.  Just print it out and put 5 crayons (red, orange, yellow, green, brown) in a small bag.  Roll up the turkey printout with the crayons inside and put it in one of the speaker bags.

There is a key on the right side of this worksheet with the coordinating color that your child should use to color in the matching number spot as well as a few key words that they should listen for.  If any of the words are said during the talk, have them color in the correct numbers.

Don’t forget to pick up all the other great ideas here on Brightly Street to make this a memorable Conference weekend in your home too!

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