General Conference “How to Ponderize”

This was a great weekend listening to General Conference.  I hope some of you were able to use some of our ideas that were posted here on Brightly Street.  You can always start preparing for next Conference by visiting here.  I am sure I will be adding more ideas for next Conference weekend so make sure to subscribe to our website.  

General Conference Scripture Ponderize Chart pinterest

There were many inspiring talks this past weekend during General Conference, but I would like to focus this post on the one from Brother Devin G. Durrant when he spoke of pondering and memorizing the scriptures which he called "Ponderize."  It was a powerful talk.  You can watch his full talk below.  This would make a great Family Home Evening lesson to kick of your weekly "Ponderizing."

As a family, we were already working on 20% of Brother Durrant's Ponderize idea regarding memorizing scriptures.  If you haven't had a chance to check out our Book of Mormon scripture mastery series, start by reading 1 out of 3 posts about how to memorize the scriptures as a family.  We wanted to start with the Book of Mormon and use the Scripture Mastery that the youth memorize in seminary.  Details and free booklets to help memorize them can be found here.  

Brother Durrant talked about how his family would post the scripture onto their refrigerator as a way to help everyone focus on that particular scripture each week.  I wanted to do the same thing so here is what I came up with for you to use too!  Just print the below sign onto card stock, laminate and attach a magnet to the back of the Ponderize sign.  I bought a dry eraser marker that has a magnet on the back as well from the Dollar Tree.  Don't forget to post it low enough for the little ones to read too.    

General Conference Ponderize Chart

On the bottom of the sign, there is a place for each person to check off when they have read and pondered the scripture each day.  We love to check things off in our home!  Next week just erase the current scripture and write in the next family scripture to "ponderize."    

General Conference Brother Durrant Ponderize Worksheet

Below you will find a free printable for you to use as your family memorizes the Book of Mormon verses.  As the children and ourselves, memorize and ponder the scripture for the week, we put their initials where it says done.  For every scripture they memorize, they get to pick something from our "treasure box."  Inside are just some small toys or treats from the dollar store.  You could also add coupons for other rewards like "girls night out" if you have daughters, etc.  To help your children memorize the scriptures, we have put together some great resources and packets.  You can download them here.

Scripture Mastery Book of Mormon Chart

Join us for a Book of Mormon family reading challenge as well to coordinate with your Ponderizing challenge here.