General Conference Ideas for Bags 5-8

Here are three more ideas for your General Conference bags.

5.  Pick-up-Sticks:  Simply add some LDS topics on popsicle sticks and put them into a snack size ziploc bag.  When they hear one of those words they grab a stick until they are all gone or until the speaker is finished.  This would be a good bag to add a snack too since it is a super simple game.

6.  Lego-My-Eggo:  I filled up 6 large Easter eggs with random legos.  Each person will pick 2 eggs and crack them open.  During the talk they listen for a topic, story or something.  After choosing what they want to create based on the speaker’s words, they use the legos they have in their eggs and begin to build.  I know with my kids this will be a big hit so I am putting these eggs in with President Monson since he usually speaks twice and that will give them a second chance to build.

7.  Glow Art:  I use to love this game when I was a child except it was a large black box.  I found these small Glow Art from the Dollar Store.  You just need to add batteries and then slip them into your bags.  The idea is again to listen to the speaker and come up with a fun design about what they are speaking about.

General Conference Ideas Lego Game

8.  Conference Comic-Con Creation:  I think I am going to love doing this one too!  Print and cut the page in half.  Print as many as you need, one for each child and add them to one of the speaker bags.  Have your child listen for a story that will be told and then draw a comic strip depicting what they heard.  I would love to have you post your pictures on my Facebook page after Conference.  It would be fun to see how our kiddos interpreted the talks.

LDS General Conference Idea Comic Strip Story