Countdown to Conference: President Eyring

General Conference President EyringPresident Eyring has such a happy personality. Every time I see him speaking, he is so happy and full of faith and hope.  He is a great example of the pure love of Christ as he exudes joy.

Today have fun playing Bingo with your kids while your read to them about President Eyring's life.  The answers are on the bingo cards so your kids will need to listen careful to your lesson on this great leader.  There are four full sheets and 1 page with 4 small bingo cards in case you want to conserve ink!  I also included a question and answer sheet that you can use to make sure you talk about all of the different bingo spots.  If you read through his info online here and the official bio here you will be able to teach them all they need to know to follow along with your lesson about President Eyring.

Below are two Mormon Messages to share with the family.