Get Organized Mom!!

Okay, so I am currently on an ORGANIZING kick and I am loving it!!  Who would of thought?  As a mother of three and owner of Priceless Moments, my life tends to be a little hectic.  How many times have I wasted time running around the house looking for my son's shoes, backpack, socks, coat, etc. and it's 8:03am with the Bus coming in 3 minutes.  Time for serious stress.  Of course, it is really my fault since I probably slept in too late.  Well, it's not just the "Getting the kids to school" that has me in a spin, but where-oh-where has that darn cell phone gone? or that paper that I need right now, and on and on… 

So, I stumbled upon a website called "Get Organized Mom" it was calling my NAME.

I thought I'd use my work blog to share my journey to get my life under control and a little less stress free with more time to spend with my little ones.  This might be a little scary and embarrassing at times, but I thought it might be a great way to get a little behind the scenes on what goes on in my life and hopefully inspire and help other moms and dads find more peace in their everyday living.

Check back every Monday for "MY MONDAY MORNING MADNESS MINUTES" with updates, tricks, and tips of my journey to get ORGANIZED. 

On your mark, get set, GO…