My Monday Morning Madness Minutes Week 1

Okay so it is really in the evening, but hey at least it is still Monday.  According to Get Organized Mom we should start with our Mud Room.  This is a perfect place for me since it gives me the most headache.  Since the morning school rush tends to be a little crazy with socks, shoes, coats and backpacks which are never together, this was the ideal place for me to start.  I have a space near my garage door and kitchen that is just a little nook area that would be a perfect spot for a Mudroom well Mud space I guess I should say.  So I stared at my wall, sketched some ideas and started to measure the space.  I decided I'd build in a custom shelf with hooks and storage spaces.  I found some fun bold colored baskets from Lowe's that were actually on sale.  Yahoo!!  Now, each of my kids have their own color so they know where to put their things.  I found a left over door from some project years ago that I never used and decided to build the whole space around the two cabinet doors.  Now, off to Lowe's about 10 times, in fact, today when I went with my two youngest kids the lady said, "wow, you are here a lot."  Not sure how to take that, but I have to agree with her.  We picked up some lumber and I went to town working on my little project.  I reused a lot of scraps of wood and moulding.  I was pretty proud of the cabinet I built from scratch for my doors and everything else since this was my first big building project by myself.  It took about 2 and a half days, roughly $90 and the kids are still getting use to putting things in the right place, but I am loving how much easier the morning routine has become! 

The finished "Mudroom" turned out much better than I thought and now I am ready to tackle another room.  Off to the laundry room…

Here are some before during and after images (and my little helper).


FYI:  In the baskets on the bottom hold their shoes, the rack right above has their socks and then their are matching baskets inside the cupboard with their winter gear.  I need to get back to Walmart to purchase the rest of the wicker baskets that will fit into the side shelves, but it is pretty much finished, that's one check off my list!

Check back next Monday to find out what happens to the room to the left of the Mudroom…