12 to 1 – Temple Count Down’s Begun! The Instruction Room

Day 5: Today we shared a segment from Day 3's video about "The Instruction Room" starting at 4:51.  We talked about how this room is where we learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  (this is a good opportunity to review "The Plan of Salvation" with the visuals from Day 1)  We talked about the beautiful paintings on the wall that you see in the video.  After we watched that short segment, we shared this video of one of the artist that paints the murals in the temples.  

Next, we had the kids draw a picture of the Gilbert Temple.  I also created my first Dot-to-Dot picture of the Gilbert Temple that your kids can do.  You can download it below.

Gilbert Arizona Temple Dot-to-Dot Brightly Street

Afterwards, we shared this article from the Friend magazine.  It talks about how the temple is built with some interesting facts.  The article also has a picture that says it is for the Gilbert Temple.  I told my kids to look at the picture carefully and see if they can spot it when we go for the Open House soon.

Gilbert Temple