12 to 1 – Temple Count Down’s Begun! The Celestial Room

Day 6: Today, we shared the segment about "The Celestial Room" in the temple (start at 6:00). You can find the video here.  We talked about how the Celestial Room is a place of meditation and prayer.  It is a very peaceful and beautiful room.  After the video, we talked about how to pray by using an object lesson about prayer and a sandwich.  This is a really great object lesson when teaching children.  First we talk about what we need to make a sandwich, two pieces of bread.  Without the bread it couldn't be a sandwich.  We then talk about what kinds of things they would like on their sandwich such as peanut butter and jelly or my favorite peanut butter and honey.  I taught the kids that it doesn't matter what you put inside the sandwich.  It could be tuna, grilled cheese, ham, turkey or whatever else but there always needs two pieces of bread for it to be called a sandwich.  Just like when we pray there are two things we always say the same.  The two pieces of bread would represent first, "Dear Heavenly Father" and the second piece of bread "in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."  Everything inside the sandwich can be whatever we want to say to our Father in Heaven.  I asked the kids what they can pray for and they said, "we can ask for help…" or "we can say thanks for…"  We build our sandwich like we would a prayer.  This is a great visual to help kids learn how to pray.  I hope it helps your little ones too!  I drew a couple visuals that you can print on card stock, cut-out and laminate.  Just click on the image to download the pdf file.  Enjoy!  

  Brightly Street Gilbert Temple Prayer

We also showed the below video called "Joseph Millett Story."  In this video it shows how our Heavenly Father can answer our prayer through someone else.  We talked about the many ways our Father in Heaven can answer our prayers such as through the scriptures.  He can also answer our prayers through someone else as shown in this video.