12 to 1 – Temple Count Down’s Begun! The Sealing Room

Brightly Street Temple Sealing Lesson

Day 7:  Today, we talked about "The Sealing Room" and started
with this video below. (Start at segment 7:21.)  After we shared this part of the temple movie again, we talked about our Wedding Day.  We were married in 2001, the summer of the attacks on the twin towers.  What a blessing it was for us to be sealed for time and all eternity in the temple.  We were married in July in the Los Angeles Temple.  We showed our children our wedding pictures and reminisced about our special day that began almost 13 years ago.  

I shared an object lesson with a large Ziploc bag to explain to my kids what it means to be sealed in the temple as a family and to be able to have our family be together forever.  Take a large ziploc bag, put inside the bag a picture of the temple (If you have a picture of the temple where you were married, use that one).  Add a picture of your family.  If you have individual pictures of the kids, you and your spouse, that would even be better.  Add the picture of the temple on the outside so that the kids can see it and the family pictures on the back side, all inside the ziploc bag.  Now, show them the bag and the picture of the temple.  Tell your kids that when you were married in the temple, your family was sealed (like the ziploc is sealed and nothing falls out of the bag).  Zip the bag when you say sealed then explain that when we die if we were sealed in the temple, we stay together as a family forever.  Hold the bag upside down so that they can see that the family stays in the bag with the temple.  Next explain that when we are not sealed or married in the temple and we die our family will not be together forever.  Unseal the bag, take out the temple and show them the bag.  Ask them what will happen with our family if we were not sealed together and we hold the bag upside down.  Oh course, everyone falls out.  This is a great time to tell your children how you feel about the temple and the sealing power that allows your family to be together forever.  This is a powerful lesson that will give your children a good visual of how families are sealed in the temple.   

Brightly Street Los Angeles Temple

We also sang "I love to See the Temple" and "Families Can Be Together Forever" for the opening and closing songs.  Some other ideas you can use for this lesson is to take out your wedding attire and either put it on and model for your kids if it still fits or just show it to them and any other wedding items you might have like the knife you used to cut your wedding cake, your wedding sealing certificate, the guest book for your reception, etc.  This was another great lesson and time well spent with my kids as we shared with them one of the most important days of our lives.  

I also shared an object lesson with our treat for the night.  I'll explain that idea in another post.  Stay tuned for more fun Temple lessons!

 This is a sweet and short video of a young child's excitement about anticipating her family's sealing.