Happy Veterans Day!

Today is a day to reflect upon the many service men and women who have faithful served the United States of America in protecting our freedom and those of others throughout the world.  A time to show our thanks and appreciation for the countless hours of dedication to the cause of liberty.  Today, I will teach and inspire my children what this great nation stands for and those who stand in the front to protect those liberties.  It is a great day to pull your loved ones together and to ponder on the blessings of the USA and those that continue to fight for it's freedom.  Start today to inspire and teach your family about what Veterans Day is all about as we honor those that have served or continue to serve the American people.  May we reflect upon this great Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all! 

Happy Veterans Day

A special thanks to this honorable soldier and my brother for his continued dedicated service to this country. May God continue to bless you for your righteous service to His people!

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