Preschool “Letter M” My Monster

If you had asked me what my favorite part of elementary school was, I would of  Brightly Street Monstersaid recess and art.  I had a great art teacher that always had creative ways to teach us how to use our imagination.  Thanks to my mom who was so good about saving samples of our school work,  I  have this artwork to the right from when I was a child, almost 30 years old from that elementary school art class.  I used the name "Grandpa" for this art piece.

Today, in our Preschool co-op I had the Letter "M" to teach this week.  I thought it would be fun to teach the kids how to make a monster from their name inspired by my elementary school teacher.  The kids had a blast and I enjoyed watching them be creative in "seeing" what was in the shapes of the spelling of their name.  Here's directions on how to easily do this with your own kids.


Preschool Monster Instructions

After you write the name with a black crayon, fold it in half and using your fingernail, rub over the letters to make a copy on the other side. Turn the page over and trace it.

After I passed out their names, I had them turn the paper vertical and then pick what side should be the top and bottom.  I took my daughter's paper to use as a demo and starting at the top, I walked the kids through the different letters in their name (which was sideways) and asked them what they "see."  This is such a great opportunity to use their imagination.  I would give them some hints like the "a" makes a great eyeball, "h" and "a" on top looks like a great hat.  We would then take the picture in sections to help them think through the artwork they wanted to create.  Here's the kid's final monster creations.  I am so proud of these little artist.  Great job!

Preschool Monster Examples