LDS Blog Train “Back-to-School Family Home Evening”

Growing up, we would always have a Back-to-School party on Monday night for Family Home Evening right before school started.  We were encouraged to prepare a game and have a talent to share for our family talent show.  We would play some fun games and have a good laugh or two over the talents we would share.  I came up with a bean bag toss game and I made a clown face out of a piece of cardboard to through the bean bag into.  I made it about 30 years ago and my mom just gave it back to me!  It still looks pretty good.  We always had a fun game that my mom would put together similar to musical chairs with a twist.  She would put a whole bunch of school supplies on the dining room table, we would all gather around the table and she would start the music.  I remember always hearing the song "I'm a Mormon, yes I am!" and we would march around the table.  When my mom or dad stopped the music we would get to grab something from the table.  This would continue until the table was clear of the school supplies, coins and treats.  We did this for years and many of us siblings continue this tradition in our own homes. 

Another special part of the evening, was when my dad would give us each a blessing before we went back to school.  I thought it would be a good idea to create a free worksheet for you to print and hand to your children.  After they get a blessing from their dad, home teacher or other priesthood holder, they can write down some notes to help them remember the guidance that God gave to them.  Just click on the image and print it.  Enjoy!

Back to School Blessings


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