Meals in a Jar 101 Beef Stroganoff

I am really excited to share with you something that has changed my life!  Really!!  No more stressed out mom here trying to meal plan or go grocery shopping every week.  This is the easiest way to make delicious, healthy and affordable meals for a family.  Join us this year as we unlock the secrets of how to make Meals in a Jar apart of your daily living and build your home food store at the same time.  Do you want to prep all your meals for almost 2 full weeks of dinner in just 30 minutes without chopping or cooking?  It's possible and it is life changing.  Join me as I share my thoughts, ideas and fun ways to make a positive change within your family too!

Meals in a Jar Beef Stroganoff

Here is the first full length video from our Meals in a Jar series that we will be sharing once a week for the next few months!  I can't wait.  Watch the video below and then Subscribe to our newsletter, "LIKE" our Facebook Page and Subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you will not miss when we post a new video.  We'll also email you our recipe for the dinner we share below as well as where we purchase our food ingredients.  Are you ready for a change?  Join us!

Did you catch our short videos on Instagram and YouTube?  We posted a quick video on using freeze dried meals to make Cinnamon Rolls, Gingerbread Cookies, Turkey Casserole and Scrambled Eggs.  We will teach them again in the future with a full length how-to video but in the meantime, follow us on Instagram and check out these four videos! 


How to make freeze dried turkey casserole. Super easy! #mealsinajar #freezedry

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How to make scrambled eggs when you run out of fresh eggs. #freezedried #mealsinajar

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