Meet Melia

I am so excited to have you visit us here at Brightly Street.  My name is Melia.  It is actually part of a very long Hawaiian middle name “Puameliaaala” which means the fragrant plumeria flower.  You might have seen the plumeria flower while visiting Hawaii.  They are found all over the island and have such a sweet fragrance.  While visiting Hawaii, I took a picture of two “melia” flowers that captures the true meaning of my name.

Plumeria by Melia Rios-Lazo

I have been blessed with 5 beautiful children!  The youngest one just arrived this year.  We are all in love with our new little addition.  

Brightly Street newborn portraits

I love to work on family history and finding all my treasured ancestors along the way.  You will see many posts about this exciting hobby and I invite you to jump on board and find your ancestors with me.  I also love to draw and design.  All the pieces created on my website besides the treehouse were hand sketched by me.  My children and I love to watch YouTube videos about “how to draw.”  I am definitely an amateur, but I enjoy practicing it every now and then.  You can take advantage of some of my artwork by downloading some free digital scrapbook kits that I have posted here on my street.

  Meet Family 1 Meet Family 2

Our website’s name “Brightly Street” comes from the street I grew up on in California.  When my husband and I were brainstorming ideas for our website name, we wanted it to be a place were we could share the diverse hobbies and interests that we have, he suggested “Brightly Street.”  It was brilliant and I loved it right away.  Thus, Brightly Street was created.  This website is a way to get the many thoughts and ideas that fly through my mind on a daily basis organized and help others.  The main focus of what we write about is sharing “Bright Ideas to strengthen your home and family.”

Brightly Street Melia with sign

I hope you will take a moment to stroll down “Brightly Street” and see what we have to offer from family history tips, photography inspiration, do-it-yourself projects, organization, digital scrapbook kits, printables and many more ideas.  Subscribe to our website to keep up with what’s happening on Brightly Street as well as to pick up fun ideas and freebies!

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