Meet Nani

May 11, 2015

“What’s up?” This is a popular phrase in Hawaii used to open a dialog and begin a friendly conversation. Sometimes it’s just tossed out as a passing acknowledgement with no feelers out for an answer. Unfortunately, as with the typical “How are you?” question, people often don’t listen to the answer. Once I did an experiment and answered, “Near death, thank you, how are you?” The response rarely registered, and the conversation continued without concern for the eminent cause of demise. Perhaps face-to-face communication is about to become a casualty of texting.

There is a story behind the selection of a “Tree House” image for Nani’s Notes.
What’s up in the “Tree House?” Look UP and I’ll share my elevating thoughts and notes with you – beginning with a lesson learned about communicating face-to-face to determine what’s up.

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