72 Hour Emergency Kit

Good thing I started this Weekly Blog.  It has helped me to keep on track.  I think with the cold and the snow coming my energy level for organizing has frozen too!  Yikes!  So thanks for keeping me in-line.  It isn't fun building in the garage right now since it is below 20 out there. 

I started to work last week on my 72 Hour Emergency Kit.  Okay, you might not think that falls under organizing, but it really does.  When an emergency might happen you don't have time to put things together in a crisis so it must be organized together and prepared.  I started googling online about what to have in an Emergency situation and the opinions were all over the place from basic food, clothing, toiletries to tents, first aid and stuff I've never even knew existed.  I started with the basics and I'll go from there.  I went shopping at the grocery store for the food supplies.  After coming home, I spread everything out on the counter and armed with Large Zip-lock bags made each person their own food supply.  I picked up some backpacks at Sears awhile back when they were really cheap so that I could use them when I eventually got around to working on my 72 hour kits.  So far I have clothes for the kids in their own backpacks as well as their food, personal supplies (like toothpaste, tooth brush, etc.) and water. 

I was just at Target this past week and they had a lot of their camping stuff on sale for 50% off.  (I guess people don't like to go camping in the snow. Ü)  I picked up a camping stove, sink thing, some backpack water hydration thing…  Okay so can you tell I am a little new at this whole camping business.  Anyways, if it was on sale and looked useful I bought it.  Hey, I figured I can always take it back if it is useless. 

So, now I am working on putting together my first aid kits and finishing it up.  Wow, a 72 hour kit takes a lot of work! 

It has been suggested that you rotate the food as well as check clothing to make sure it still fits about every 6 months.  All the food I purchased is good for at least a year, so the other day I was thinking that it might be fun to take a family camping trip in the summer and just grabbing our 72 hour kit and use it up.  This will also help us to see what we might need to add and make sure we know how to use everything! Ü

Well, next week I'll take a picture of my kits since they are in progress.  Here is a list of some stuff to put in your kits.  I'll post another, more extensive list next week as well.

By the way, my son was asking me about all the food and stuff on the counter and said, "Are we going somewhere?"  I explained that it was for an emergency like a fire or something.  Joseph said, "Well, if there was a fire wouldn't the backpacks burn up?"  Good point, I told him we better pray that God watches over our emergency kits!

72 hour kit