My Monday Morning Madness Minutes – Week 10

I have to say that I enjoyed my vacation with my family even if most of it was with someone new waking up and being sick.  It is always fun to have family over to visit.  Since I was taking a break from my blog world, I thought today that I would start the New Year off and try explain where my love for building began…

My father is an amazing builder.  He can build anything.  He built a boat that our family has enjoyed skiing behind, rebuilt an MG car, built furniture, cabinets, koi ponds, decks… you name it and he could 99% be able to build it.  I definitely got my love for working with wood and the idea of creating from him.  I remember helping him remodel the bathroom and many other projects around the house.  I look back and wish I would of helped him more so that I could of understood and gained the skills necessary to do more than I know how now. 

As a 13 year old girl, I was a little different then most.  Christmas was around the corner and the one thing that I REALLY wanted was… a jigsaw.  Okay, I know that sounds weird, but I love making things out of wood.  So, my great parents (I am sure sacrificed) so that on Christmas morning in 1991, I woke up and found a Craftsman Jigsaw for me!!  I was so excited, I remember crying (as you can see the evidence from this picture below.)  I still have the saw and have since added many other power tools as needed throughout the years. 

Just remember Ladies, it is never to late to learn and women can be just has handy as men.  Good luck this year as we continue to organize our home, family and life.  I know it will be a great NEW YEAR!!

IMG_4212 RT

Here is one with me and my Dad.

IMG_4214 RT