No Cussing Club

Yesterday I was preparing a lesson for the Webelos Scout Den that I help teach.  I was supposed to share with the boys what it means to have courage in an emergency situation.  It also talked about how to have courage in other situations such as when someone is being bullied or not doing something right.  I began to look online for some ideas on what I could share that might help the boys understand the concept of courage at their age.  I found McKay's video 'No Cussing Club' and I was so touched by this young boys' courage to stand up for something he believed in, that I wanted to share it with you here.  Check it out!

I have always felt uncomfortable whenever I hear bad language.  I try to sing a song in my head really loud to drown out something I might hear.  For example, while walking into a store I often hear a car passing by with really loud music blaring horrific language on the radio.  

We just finished our temple series in celebration of the completion of the Gilbert Temple.  If you have been inside a temple you know how beautiful and peaceful it is inside.  I was always taught how our bodies are like temples and how we should keep them clean and pure.  Our bodies include our lips and the words that come out of it as well as our ears that can hear.  Cussing pollutes our spirit when we hear and speak words that do not uplift ourselves or others.  It is another reason why I am very careful with what I watch as well.  I don't need to hear words that make me feel uncomfortable.  Yeah, we hear it around us but I don't have to pay money or make a choice to watch and listen to things with foul language in it.

McKay also developed a curriculum called "No Cussing Club Curriculum Charater Building Program."  Click on the image of McKay and a pdf file will appear with the curriculum attached.  I am excited to check it out and use it with my own kids.  They are pretty young and they don't have a problem with using profanity right now but why wait until there is a problem?  I want to be a proactive parent and teach them when they still think I know some things.

I am grateful to have been raised in a home where I was taught to not use profanity.  I remember in high school when I was one of the captains on the volleyball team, the coach would joke about trying to teach me how to cuss.  I am glad that I was and am different in that respect.  I stand with this brave boy as he stands for what he believes is right.  Join his "No Cussing Club" today.  I know you will feel the difference as you learn to watch the influence you have over the power of your words.

Here's another video of McKay Hatch on the Jay Leno Show and Fox News.