F.T.I. Family Tree Investigator “Where Did I Come From?”

With the end of our Temple series, we kicked off a Family History weekly lesson. Today as a family we watched Part 2 from Family Search.  If you missed the first lesson, read about our F.T.I. and watch Part 1.  

When the video finished, we went online to Family Search's website.  If you haven't created an account, I would do that first before you have a lesson with the family.  We clicked on "Family Tree" and I introduced the kids to their family!  They were excited to see their names online and my oldest laughed when he saw a place that said "Add Wife."  I wanted the kids to see where their ancestors were born.  I created this worksheet below to go along with tonight's lesson.  Here's how to use it.

Click on image to download the pdf file.

Brightly Street Family History Where Did I Come From sample


1. Print out the world map for the whole family or one per child.  

2. Browse through your "Family Tree" and click on any of your grandparents, great-grandparents, etc.  

3. Look at where they were born.  This was so much fun.  I talked about how my kids' great grandpa was born in Michigan and I had them point to where the United States was located on the above worksheet and the general area of Michigan.  I then talked a little bit about him and that he went to Hawaii to work and eventually met his Hawaiian wife, my grandmother.  The next thing I asked the kids was where they thought great grandpa's parents were from.  We referred back to our Family Tree and saw that they were born in Italy.  

4. After we found which country they were born in, we located the continent and wrote the country name under the continent below.  

5. Continue to search your family tree to get the kids familiar with where they can find the information about the country the person was born in and have fun discovering your family tree together.

This was a lot of fun and the kids wanted to find someone from China and other countries.  Now, they are excited to dig around and see where their roots will take them.  I hope you enjoy this worksheet as you become F.T.I. Agents! (Family Tree Investigator)