Winter Olympics Homeschool Style

The Olympics is just a few days away!  I am busy trying to pull together some fun learning activities for my kids to do during the Olympics.  Here’s a fun short video to pump up your kids about the games.

I just downloaded this awesome booklet from Enchanted HomeSchooling Mom.  It is great!  There are all kinds of worksheets, information on the history of the Olympics and even some fun ideas to play similar sports at home with your kids!  I am excited to use some of these ideas during the Olympics.  I love my new IPAD and the fact that I can download a pdf file (when I am on my computer), email it to myself, hop over to my IPAD and open the doc.  At the top of the pdf, it will say “Do you want to open it in Kindle?”  This will then put it into my Docs section under the Kindle app for the IPAD.  So awesome.  I don’t have to print all of the pages and I can use it to reference as I teach my kids about the Olympics.  Here’s a link to the unit and it’s FREE.  Check it out.  

Some other great worksheets can be found here.  It looks like you can download a few before you have to join the site.  Browse through the list first before you download them to make sure you grab the ones you want.

I also read how one family got together to watch “Cool Runnings” just before the Olympics.  I think we might try that too.  I remember that being a funny movie.

Here’s a link to find out where the Olympic torch is right now.  Pretty cool.

Here’s a link with short videos about the science behind the Olympic games from the National Science Foundation.

How about learning to draw the Olympic torch with chalk?  Here’s a video about how to make it.

A few more ideas that I found online that I thought we might try.  Check back next week to see what other things are happening around here during the Olympics.  I am sure it will be fun!


 Paper_plate_olympic_rings Brightly Street Homeschool Olympics  Ski-jump-craft-photo-420x420-aformaro-179