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Ward Christmas Party Ideas
I was in charge of the Christmas Party last year at my church.  I thought I'd share a few ideas of what we did.  It was simple, but full of the spirit of Christmas.  We featured the Nativity figures that were there the day that Christ was born as found in the New Testament.  I had different people dress up and portray a story, thought or musical number dressed in that character.  I also had a power point and videos that were shown throughout the program that helped keep the children's attention.  Here is what the Narrator's Program looked like.  The narrator was not seen but heard over the speakers in between the different parts.

Brightly Street Christmas Party Program

Click on the Christmas Images below to download the images.  You can use these in a power point presentation.  I showed these images on a large screen when each person came on stage.  For Jesus, I just posted the picture at the very end before the final video.

Christmas Program Power Point Images Christmas Program Power Point Images-2 Christmas Program Power Point Images-3 Christmas Program Power Point Images-4 Christmas Program Power Point Images-5 Christmas Program Power Point Images-6





I also made a large wooden Nativity blocks and had the person that was acting out that character bring the figurine with them and after they talked they placed it in the large stable pictured below.  By the end of the program, the nativity stable was complete.

Ward Christmas Party Ideas Wooden Stable 

This was the invitation that I created.  If you would like me to custom design one for you, it will be in our Etsy Shop later on this week.Brightly Street Christmas Party Invitation

One of the things we used for decorations on the tables were crayons with this fun placemat for kids that I drew.  Print on white LEGAL copy paper.  You can purchase it from my Etsy Shop for just $2.99. 

Ward Christmas Party Ideas Placemats


Brightly Street Christmas Placemat for Kids

We also put up a simple paper backdrop on a chalk board in the foyer where we had signs that they could write on and take a picture of themselves and post to social media with the hashtag #aSaviorIsBorn

Ward Christmas Party Ideas 8

Ward Christmas Party Ideas Photo Booth

Here are the videos I used in the Program.  I also used one at the very beginning before we at dinner.  It is the cartoon one at the bottom.