Oh, the Places We Will Go… Our Travel Adventures Day 1

Our family has been planning a trip back to Pennsylvania to visit the Philadelphia Temple when it was completed.  In late spring, the Philadelphia Temple was finally finished and dates were announced for the Open House.  This is when the doors are opened for the public to walk through it.  We began our plans to travel across the country with our whole family.  I wanted to share some of our experiences with our readers as well as some tips and tricks for families traveling with children whether on a plane, train, car, RV or cruising.  I'll also be posted some freebies for you to use on your upcoming trips.  You can also purchase the Complete Travel Packet from my Etsy Shop today!  Check it out.

Traveling with Kids Printable Ultimate Kit SAMPLE

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I hope you enjoy our adventures as we trek across the country in an RV.

Day 1 and 2:

"We left Wednesday at 4pm and it took us about one hour to drive a few miles from our house. We were all sweating because of the heat with no air conditioning to cool us down. We stopped by Walmart and bought a few more fans and cooling things to help the kids stay cool. On the way Savannah's baby tooth came out. We hit the road and stopped in Show Low at the top of the mountain at about 10pm.

RV Road Trip Travel Adventures 5 kids Day1 AZ to PA

We parked in Frys grocery store parking lot and slept. The baby and Charlie didn't fall asleep until 1 am so I was awake with them until they finally feel asleep. It was very cold at night and I only brought one blanket and a small baby blanket thinking it would be hot everywhere we went.

RV Road Trip Travel Adventures 5 kids Day 2 AZ to PA
At 430am Jose and I woke up and took off while the kids slept. I slept for only 3 hours. I took an hour nap once everyone was settled in the morning. The kids have been doing good so far. Today jose has been driving since 430am and it is 7pm right now. We went through New Mexico, Texas and passing through Kansas to get to Independence, Missouri by 1am. We saw a sign for the wizard of oz movie. It was just off the road we were on. We turned onto a street called the yellow brick road. The house was close already so we just took some pictures and kept going down Pancake Road.

I did get us just slightly on the wrong path but we got back on track and are close to Wichita, Kansas so we can grab something to eat. We did just get pulled over by a police officer. Jose was going 40 in a 30 zone but didn't have enough time to slow down before he got pulled over. The cop was nice asked us where we were headed and he said he was from Pennsylvania. Maybe that's why he just gave Jose a warning and not a ticket. We were in a tiny town."

RV Road Trip Travel Adventures 5 kids Day 2 AZ to PA a

Day 1 Video: Trying to figure out the new GoPro video camera.